Why You Should Offer Discount Coupons in Your Store

Discount coupons are a vital tool in any online sales strategy that serves to attract potential consumers, retain customers and promote your brand on the internet. Through the discount coupon, a code is generated that your customers have to enter when finalizing their purchase to obtain the benefit.

Coupon or voucher codes can be issued when running such a promotional campaign. An example of a code could be “SHOES20” to offer a 20% discount on all the shoes you sell in your store. Defining how to promote these coupons will depend on the objectives of your business.

For example, if your goalcoupon is to get new buyers, a good strategy would be to spread the discount code through your social networks. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to retain customers, it is best to carry out an email marketing campaign aimed only at those who have already bought from you. The advantages of offering discount coupons in your store include:

Attract New Customers

Online consumers have an omnichannel profile. They expect to use any shopping channel (online store, physical store, Instagram, etc.) and choose the time of day that best suits them to specify it. The result is that every day millions of buyers use the internet to search and compare prices of the products they want, so the competition between online stores is increasing.

In this context, it is essential to use all the tools you have to attract customers and increase your sales. The use of discount coupons is undoubtedly a great way to achieve that goal since you encourage the purchase of those people who have not yet bought in your store.

They Allow You to Retain Customers

It is always good to take care of customers who buy from you regularly, so offering them promotions and rewards is a good method to achieve this. If you identify these buyers, send them exclusive discounts by email to see that their loyalty is rewarded.

They Are a Good Strategy to Promote New Products

If you are aboutshopping voucher to launch a new product in your store, you can offer a special price for a limited time as a form of promotion along with the rest of the strategies you have thought of (email marketing, advertising on social networks, etc.). In this way, you are going to encourage your audience to be interested in the novelty!

They Serve to Activate the Sales of Little-Sold Products

In case some of your products aren’t getting a lot of attention, creating a discount coupon for them is an excellent way to get them back on your shoppers’ radar and not taking up a place in your warehouse!