Social Media

Social media is a valuable marketing strategy for all businesses. Twitter is one of the sites where a lot of people and companies market their products. Having a large number of followers in Twitter is a big advantage to the accounts owner, but obtaining them is not easy. But lately, a swipe of your credit card can earn you a lot of followers. Below are pros and cons of buying Twitter followers.


Makes you look like a boss

Social MediaA big Twitter follower makes you appear like a boss or a celebrity. A large following can easily put you ahead of competition. It builds a sense of trust and promise. It is not just for show off but it will earn you more followers meaning more money.

Bandwagon syndrome

Once real Twitter users see your follower’s number raising, they will follow you more. An individual with only 50 followers will be judged not to be good in whatever they are marketing, but if they have like 1000 followers then people think that you are reputable. The robot followers end up generating real followers.

Easier and cheaper

It is way much easier to buy Twitter followers than to earn them. It takes a lot of effort and time to get real followers. You also need to be consistently sharing great content and updating latest news. To avoid all the above effort you could just get a good number of followers using your wallet.

Can they really be called followers?

Yes you will get a good number of followers but they will not be involved in any interaction or engagement. They are just there but never contributing.

It is an empty number

Social MediaAll the robot followers will not raise your accounts klout score. Influence in social media is mostly   from interaction rather than just sheer numbers. You will not get any added SEO from your fake Twitter followers.