Things To Know Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is an environmentally friendly drilling operation that produces minimal noise and emits no smoke. It is also possible to come up with holes of varied sizes and depth with the best core drills. This method is ideal for precise circular penetration. This type of drilling operation is applied in the construction industry and other works like heating application, gas supply, electrical processes, mining applications, and telecommunication fittings just to mention a few.

Types of diamond drillingsdcaSDSADcA

There are two major drilling techniques used today. The rotary technique is one of them. This method is used for boreholes and general coring operations. The other type is wire-line. This aims at salvaging a core sample, and it is also used in mineral exploration. Thus, you cannot use wire line to make a whole.

Specific core drilling operations

Minor categories of diamond core drilling include hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic. This can either be used for wet or dry type drilling purposes. Below is a brief explanation of each of these methods.

Electric process

If you wish to have exact holes in your drilling process, then consider the electric drilling process. This process generates accurate holes in concrete, tiles, plumbing, gravestone, masonry granite, and countertops. You can also employ this method in drilling holes in floors, ceiling, and walls or a concrete anchorage system. Also, consider this method if you want efficiency and fast drilling.

Hydraulic process

This process incorporates both electrical and mechanical shield means. In case you want holes with large diameters, then this is the way to go. The benefits of the hydraulic process are easy to use, cost-effectiveness, consistency in the drill, long lasting and secure.

Pneumatic process

sdsDcASLike the electric process, this method is also ideal in drilling holes in concrete anchorage, walls, ceilings, and floors. This method employs the use of a diamond core drill. This tool is fixed at the rear end of the drill rod in the drilling machine or tool. It is then spun until it forms a drill. For efficiency and a robust drill bit, water, low drill force, and constant speed must in place during the drilling process.

Diverse diamond core drilling processes

The diverse types of diamond core drilling process include water drip, pan drilling, and spray bottle drilling. The spray bottle type of drilling usually supplies water into the bore hole using a spray bottle. Water drip employs a tube to provide water into the well and at the surface of the hole. On the other hand, pan drilling uses a plastic tube that is filled with water. This water covers the entire base of the material being drilled.