Five reasons to visit england’s countryside

While city life has its own share of glamor, once in a while it is always advisable to escape the noise, traffic, crowd and crime that characterize most cities across the world. If you are looking for a serene place to free your mind from the hustle and bustle of big cities, then you ought to visit England’s countryside. In this post, I am going to give you five reasons to visit English countryside before curtains come closing on this year.

Five reasons to visit England’s countryside

Fresh air means good health

A recent publication by the British Journal of Medicine states postulates that people living in the countryside are more healthy and tend to have a longer life expectancy than those residing In large Metropolitan dwellings. Englands countryside is rich of full fresh clean air that comes with a myriad of health benefits. Not only does fresh air clean your lungs but it has also been proven fresh air boosts the immune system, regulates the blood pressure. Similarly, fresh air is also proven to enhance your mood leaving you more relaxed and refreshed.

Immerse yourself in nature

222poiEngland’s countryside boasts of an incredible biodiversity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. if you are looking for a place where you can smell the scent of flowers and watch birds flying as you feel the warm breeze on a backdrop of the sunset, then England’s countryside is the ultimate place for you to be.

Space is important

Unlike cities which are congested, England’s countryside will offer you the space that you much deserve. England’s countryside has the most comprehensive miles footpaths that attract all-year-round tourists escaping from the busy cities. Take a nature walk down these footpaths and get back to nature as you feel inspired.

Travel back in time

Breakaway from the norm and do a garden wedding at one of the crumbling castles. England’s Countryside offers a perfect ambiance for weddings with its wild and gentle, dramatic dales, patchwork hills and ancient woodlands that make it an exclusive spot for one of a kind weddings and events that will undoubtedly leave you with a memorable experience.

Stay on a farm

3333poiThere is no better way to experience farming at first hand than to visit England’s countryside. With numerous farm stay registered properties spread across the countryside, you can be assured of cream teas and farmhouse cheeses as you watch a play in the surrounding garden squares.