Choosing The Best Metal Detector

Choosing the best metal detector can be a challenging task because for one to know the best metal detector, one should know the main features to consider before choosing. Therefore in this article, we discuss the best three Whites metal detectors that will give you maximum performance. There are some of the tips one should consider before deciding on the metal detector.

Some of those tips include the type of target, knowing some basics of the metal detectors, understanding the machine functionality and many more. Those tips will give you a clue on what to expect from a good metal detector. There are many metal detectors producing companies, and it is hard to know which is providing the best and which one is not. Some of the best three best metal detectors are:

The White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector

This type of metal detector is the best rated among all the white metal detectors available in the market. The White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector has several amazing features that make it appear unique. The metal detector has an LCD screen that helps you to see all the information you require. Some of the information suchmetal detector as the depth of the substance you are looking for and much more. The White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector is also waterproof, and this means this special metal detector can be used to detects metals that are in the water. One can use it underwater and still the metal detector work effectively unlike other metal detectors that cannot work in wet conditions.

The White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector has the following features;

  • Water-resistant box-This water-resistant box is handy because it helps the metal detector to work underwater without malfunctioning
  • Pinpoint mode-The pinpoint mode is an essential feature because it helps you to locate anything that you are finding quickly.
  • Good scanning depth of about 8 inches
  • Depth reading.
  • The depth reading feature allows you to know how deep the substance is.
  • Target ID hear


  • Limited depth
  • No internal battery

Whites TreasurePro Detector

The Whites TreasurePro Detector is a fantastic metal detector form a white metal detector producing company; the Whites TreasurePro Detector has various special features that make it unique and get good reviews. The product is known to have the best visual display as compared to others. The bright visual display for this product will allow you to read the depth, the battery quickly, a metal found and sensitivity.
Some of the other additional features of the product include;

  • Has an amazing back-light-Most of the LCD screens do not contain the back-light. Therefore the presence of backlight in this product makes it unique making the product useful to use even on sunny days.
  • Depth-The depth is directly indicated on the LCD screen
  • Ground balance-Depending on the mineralization of the ground, the ground balance helps in giving the correct readings.
  • Has multiple programs such as coin and jewelry
  • Eight different sensitivity mode which is easily adjusted/controlled using the buttons that are located at the box.


  • Limited underwater depth

White’s Spectra VX3 Metal Detector

The white metal detector company produces this type of metal detector. This metal detector has fantastic features which make many people prefer it. Some of the great features of the product are such as:

  • Waterproof. This product is made in a way that it can work effectively even when it underwater up to a depth of 2ft.
  • Consist of the concentric coil.
  • Consist of target ID
  • Has a color display with adjustable back-light.
  • Onboard help


  • The battery drains faster.
  • Limited underwater depth.

Therefore by considering the above-discussed Whites metal detectors, you will choose the best metal detector that will give you maximum performance.
Thank you.

Installing a pool in your back yard

There are a lot of us that would love to have a pool installed in our backyard. But at the same time, it raises a lot of questions. Like how much would it cost to have it put in? What type of pool would you want to have? The list will go on and on, but the only way to find out is to look it up on the Internet. You will get an idea of what style you want and about how much it would cost to have it done.

We will talk about a few things that you need to know about having a pool installed.


You will need to have some type of idea where you want to have a pool put in at, or having a contractor who specializes in contracting pools come and have a look. Open Water Pools has been installing all types of pools for customers for many years now. They will come over and look at your spare space that you have available, and they will look to see if you have anything that may be a problem after you have had a pool put in. They have a lot of different designs that you can get an idea from.


2There are a lot of laws that have to be considered when installing a pool. If you live in a developing housing, they may not let you have a pool. Developing housing has their own set of rules, you even have to get a permit when getting a pet. The contractor will take care of all the legal paperwork that needs to be filed.


Most companies will take a deposit and others won’t take a dime till half of it is done so you can see the results. Make sure you ask them about insurance for the workers that will be doing the work for you. Make sure you will not be liable for any injury that may happen while building your pool.


3Who will take care of the pool? There are ways to treat your pool yourself. You will have to determine if doing it yourself will be cheaper than having a pool service come in and treat and clean your pool. Your pool will make your electric bill go a little higher because you would need to light it up and pump the water through the filters. You will also have to buy new filters once in a while.

Having a pool will add to your monthly expenses, however installing one will raise the value of your home in return.