Getting Rid of Grey Hair

The natural color of hair is due to melanin, a color pigment that characterizes the color of the skin. Sometimes this pigment, or rather the melanin, might start declining in strength and so affecting one’s beautiful look. It might sometimes only affect the hair follicles alone leading to greying of the hair. This hair greying is a natural process as one ages, but when it starts to occur at early ages, maybe at ones 20’s or 30’s, it can profoundly affect an individual’s confidence and self-esteem.

There are a number of reasons that can cause this greying of the hair. Some of the common ones are vitiligo, hereditary genes, deficiency of nutrients and vitamins in the body, excessive intake of tobacco and aging. The good thing is that there are remedies for the greying of hair. 5 Safe & Efficient Home Remedies For Gray Hair That Actually Work – eHome Remedies provides some amazing tips on how to get rid of grey hair and retain healthy hair follicles for a very long time.

Most people who have grey hair think of a quicker solution to useyoung age hair greying chemically enhanced colors to color hair. These chemically enhanced colors can lead to further damage to the follicles leading to hair loss or even worse. There are better ways to combat grey and the best one being combating grey hair naturally. Let’s have a look at some of the best natural remedying methods for grey hair.

Natural Hair Greying Remedies

This is one of the best alternatives to combat hair greying and is effective in making the growth of good black hair stay healthy longer than most other methods. There are many natural methods to remedy this condition but I’m going to briefly explain the 3 best ones.

Coconut oil and fenugreek seeds

Coconut oil and fenugreek seeds are one of the popular remedies that people find very easy and convenient. Finding these seeds isn’t much of a task, and once you get them, good chances are that their positive effects will eradicate this unwanted hair condition. Nutrients in both these seed types are very effective in making hair look good.

Onion Remedy

Onion is also another good vegetable for eradicating grey hair. Onions have a unique element that boosts up the functionality of follicle coloring elements making the hair black again. You’ll find most of these shampoos and other products supplemented with high contents of this onion element to make the hair look appealing.

Amaranth Leavesgrey hair falling of

Besides the treatment of grey hair color, amaranth is also known to treat most other unwanted conditions like dandruff and hair fall. They work very effectively when used at the onset of hair greying. Besides restoring hair color, they also make the hair appear stronger, shiner and appealing.