Three Best Ways to Exchange Currencies 

As international borders are fading due to globalization and the internet, there are many occasions when you need to transact in foreign currencies, such as e-commerce, forex trading, traveling, and sending money to relatives and friends. And with today’s technology, don’t you know that bank transfer is not the only way to exchange currencies? In fact, it has been quite an outdated method.

Foreign Exchange Company

 But why should you bother with entrusting your money to a non-bank entity? First, you should know that banks’ exchange rates are high. In Canada, for example, the rates are around 2.5% per exchange for USD! And most of the time, there are still hidden fees lurking in the transactions. Therefore, companies like KnightsbridgeFX enter the business to tackle those problems. Since they are specialized in currency exchange, their whole resources are allocated for exchange only. And that makes them able to afford better exchange rates. 

However, make sure you read the reviews of the company first because ads can sometimes be misleading. Also, don’t forget to examine the terms and agreements before you make any transactions. 

Payment Gateways

e-commerce by phonesTo get a quick picture of what payment gateways are, the best example of this enterprise is PayPal. This platform acts as the middle man who bridges buyers and sellers in the e-commerce world, regardless of the currencies they use. If a user commits a dishonest action, the gateway can ban the perpetrator and help the victim to recover the loss. 

Alternatives to PayPal are Skrill, Transfer Wise, Google Pay, Payoneer, Shopify Payment, and WePay. But different platforms have different methods of depositing and withdrawing money. Some accept direct bank transfers, while others accept only credit cards. If you are using crypto-money, your choice may even be more limited. Therefore, you should check the gateway’s terms first. 

Credit Cards

credit cardThis method may not be the cheapest compared to the previous two, but it surely is the most convenient. With credit cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover, you can withdraw money from any ATMs around the world, as long as they have the logos of the issuing companies. Therefore, this may be your best option for exchanging money during traveling. 

As for e-commerce, credit cards can charge you 3% and more for transactions in foreign money. And the interest can be different from your regular use as well. 

Top Tips on Choosing a Currency Exchange Provider

You will need the services of currency exchange providers when you are changing one currency to another, say when traveling outside your home country. Although you can rely on banks to exchange your money, there are other service providers, such as currency exchange offices.

Adherence to Law and Regulations

laws and regulationIt would be advisable to check if the service provider complies with the local laws and is regulated by the relevant authority. Usually, a provider would indicate clearly on their print communication and website that they comply with the applicable legislation and the body that govern them. The essence of checking on compliance and regulation is to protect yourself from fraud and other malpractices.


Services Provided

different currecy denominationsAlthough all the currency exchanges provide the same core service, there may be differentiation in terms of other services provided. The extra services could be reflected in the difference in exchange rates and fees.

Some of the additional services include the option to buy currencies with cash or credit card. For those that allow card payment, the banking network’s transaction fees are added to the rate. As a result, their rates will reflect that extra fee.
Choosing the denominations in which you will get the currency is another extra service. Some providers do not offer the option and provide currency in large denominations, which are difficult to use. Since large denominations are easy to handle, count, and transport, the exchanges that propose to customers to choose denominations may charge an extra fee for it.

Exchange Rates and Fees

The exchange rates of different providers differ due to competition. It is therefore wise to check the rates and other fees in advance. You must also be cautious because there are providers who advertise very impressive rates to attract clients but add their margins and charges at the time of closing transactions. It would be better to ask for a quotation in advance and get clarification if there are extra charges.

The Location of the Provider

many business on a streetThe money changers in airports are far more expensive than those in the cities. This is because of the high rent in airports and the high demand for currencies, among other factors.

On the other hand, several currency exchanges in one location,like a street, tend to offer better rates. Their rates are also almost uniform for the same currency due to competition. However, they try to differentiate on other factors.

The Quickest Way to Get Payday Loans

Payday loans come in handy when you are in need of quick cash. That explains why they continue being so popular among middle-income earners. You can qualify for payday loans when you have a credit score that is above average. In some cases, you could always find a way to get payday loans even with bad credit. When qualifying for the loan is out of the question, your next issue will be to try finding the most convenient way to get the money you need when you actually have the use of it. Delays in getting money could be quite costly. For instance, when an opportunity slips by you may need to spend more money to chase after it.


Seek help

When you have bad credit or issues with your ability to quality, seek help so that someone else with a thorough knowledge of the industry could help you. Be polite to your correspondence with the lender. Find an intermediary firm that helps consolidate your loans to improve your credit score so that you enter the good books of payday loan lenders.

Check requirements

You can tell the ease of getting a payday loan by the number of documents relating to your credit score that a lender requires. Lenders who only require your online application are more likely to offer an immediate response to your payday loan application. They could decline it but still give you an immediate response. Always consider such options before going to fill lengthy forms that may not lead you to quick cash. On the other hand, it is useful to also check with lenders who already promise immediate action when you offer pertinent documentation.

Boosting your credit rating

MONEY BAGYour credit rating is another factor affecting the speed of attaining the money you seek. Therefore, pay your other loans on time even if you are just doing the minimum payment. Remember to update your records with your lender too. These two steps are critical to the credit rating you get, and that rating affects the speed. You must approach the game as though you are the best client.

Relying on your previous lenders

Previous lenders already have your details. It also cost them less in terms of advertising because they do not need to convince you much about their services. Not to mention that they wish to retain you as a customer. Take advantage of their willingness to give you money to top your existing loan or as a new payday loan. Many people soon realize that the lenders are actually friendly businesses that are willing to negotiate payment rates as long as you keep your end of the bargain as a borrower.