Benefits Of Using Portable Chicken Coop

It can also be called, an ark, or a chicken tractor. It is movable and makes it possible for chicken to move to new feeding spots and enjoy fresh pasture daily. It is easy to construct a portable chicken coop; the easiest way is by placing wheels at one end of the structure and attaching handles on the other end for ease of moving from one location to another. It should also be made stable such that it can remain stationary when there is no need for movement. Note that the coop should be made with light material to enable movement by a single individual. However, it should be heavy enough to keep away predators from attacking the chicken. Cost of construction is another factor to consider when thinking of constructing a chicken coop; it should be kept as low as possible. It is recommendable to construct an A- shaped frame timber coop fitted with wheels.


Portable chicken coop

  • It is possible to feed the chicken with nutritious and diverse pasture by moving the coop from one location to another frequently. This results to better and high-quality eggs at the end of the day. The meat from the chicken will also be of great flavor and full of nutrients.
  • Moving the coop to different locations of the yard keeps grass trimmed because of chicken feed on grass as food. This gives your environment a beautiful look and can even save on the cost of hiring somebody to trim the grass.
  • The need for pre mixed foods for your chicken is reduced. This is because they are moved to different locations of pasture frequently. The natural plants growing in the field acts as natural supplements to your chick’s diet.
  • Most portable chicken coops are made without including a floor. This helps to eliminate cleaning of the coop all time. The chicken droppings directly fall on the ground increasing its fertility.
  • Only a small area is occupied by the coop, this means chicken feed at a small area at a time. This gives the yard enough time to regrow before the chicken feed on the same patch again.
  • Chicken do their eating by scratching and digging the ground. This happens to the whole field remember because the coop is moved to different locations. This helps prepare the soil for seed and also enhance the growth of already existing crops and plants.
  • sdsdvDuring bad weather like storms, rain, and even scorching sun, the coop can be moved to safe locations. Can be moved to shade away from the sun or under roofing in times of rain. The coop can also be moved away from mud to areas with fresh pasture.