Properties Of The Best Fishing Line

Fishing is always fun and enjoyable if the Fisher has the best fishing line. The big question is, what makes a super fishing line?

Fishing line

Tensile strength

exzcdfvfgThis explains the amount of physical strength that must be applied on a stretching material on a straight line before its elasticity gets at its best and the line breaks. This kind of strength is expressed regarding ‘pound test,’ this is to mean a piece rated 10 pounds will break after being subjected to continuous pressure same as ten pounds. The breaking strength of a fishing line is directly affected by its diameter. This is to mean that thinner fishing lines should be chosen since the thinner the fishing the higher the breaking strength.

Shock strength

Describes the point at which a fishing line will break after it is exposed or subjected to a sudden or fast shake. After fish is caught up by the bait, it will obviously try to free itself from the trap. It is at this moment the fishing line breaks as the fish will shake and dive rapidly trying to escape.


This associates with elasticity. Elastic fishing lines possess some internal shock absorber in case the fish suddenly escape. This means that the line possesses great shock strength. None elastic lines are very rigid and can mean tearing the hook out of the fish mouth as you try to pull it out for those vigorous fishers.


A visible fishing line can drive away fish especially in clear waters or when fishing quite on slow moving lures or baits. On the other, colored fishing lines are very useful and recommended to those of us with problems with their vision since they better the ability to notice strikes.

Abrasion strength

dwcvffA fishing line is dragged on rocks, fish teeth, and gills. Abrasion strength explains the ability of the line to stand all the hard materials without breaking. The real test should be done on the material to ensure that it can stand all these frictions.
All the above factors should be considered before concluding that a fishing line is the best.